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My name is Dan Rivera and my passion is mentoring and building successful teams both professionally and in my personal life. As a web developer with an extensive background in WordPress, I strive to place a high degree of emphasis on quality, integrity and engineering best practices while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked through all facets of web development from exploratory meetings with new clients and discovery to the final finished product.

I have a passion for leading, coaching, and mentoring teams in a collaborative environment. I enjoy identifying and developing personal strengths with my team and acting as a force multiplier to improve team outcomes.

Outside of work, my love for building character and developing relationships continues as a youth softball coach working with all ages and helping them to achieve their potential.

What I Do


Leading teams in a collaborative environment is a true passion of mine. I enjoy the challenges in identifying and developing personal strengths with my team and acting as a force multiplier to improve team outcomes, while maintaining a strong team core.

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Mentoring and encouraging individuals to be their best can be very powerful. I believe in creating open communication channels among team members in order to identify concerns and while providing feedback. When opportunities are given for each team member to fully develop themselves, a stronger team foundation is built. A team is only as strong as its weakest member. We are strongest when we build each other up!

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I enjoy creating meaningful designs while maintaining a solid user experience. From discovery, to concept, to finished design, I am passionate about the problem-solving process. As a designer I encourage individualism as well as teamwork. I believe in creative risk-taking. When boundaries are pushed outcomes are amplified.

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I build, implement and maintain custom WordPress themes. I enjoy the problem solving process of web development. I am well versed in PHP, WordPress, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5, CSS/SCSS, Ecommerce and Mobile Development. My tools consist of PhpStorm, Adobe Creative Cloud and Google Suite.

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I have a strong understanding of Apache, MySQL as well as backup processes. I have set up and installed Wordpress multisites as well as deployed hundreds of single WordPress sites. I have served as server admin for major healthcare organizations and many financial institutions and adhere to HIPAA compliant hosting environments.

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